Hive Mind for Windows 10

Hive Mind for Windows 10

Sudoku style word puzzle game


  • Engaging puzzle game
  • Good alternative to Sudoku


  • No undo button
  • No integreated dictionary

Very good

Hive Mind is a Sudoku-style puzzle Metro app for Windows 8. The aim is to fill a hexagonal grid called the Hive with letters from a seven letter word.

There's no shortage of words with 1,500 randomly generated challenges and millions of different board layouts. If you find a puzzle board that you really like, you can pin it to your Start Page or share it with friends. In addition, you can choose to either beat your highest score or your fastest solving time in a race against the clock.

There's little to complain about in such a simple puzzle but one slight drawback of Hive Mind is that there isn't an Undo button for bad moves. Also, there isn't an integrated dictionary for words that you don't understand.

Hive Mind is an engaging option for those that like Sudoku but want a slightly different twist.

Hive Mind for Windows 10


Hive Mind for Windows 10

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    Hive Mind.
    Love the game. It is Fast and fun! Only problem I have is lost it when I changed from the windows 8 c...   More